"I guess you won't need these. Giving testimony involving the Vice-President is one thing, but when it involves the President himself, that is something else. You can just forget that I ever said anything if you want to."

My uncle to Senate investigators, Washington, D.C. November 22, 1963

Don Reynolds with the author, his nephew, Robert (Bob) Nelson.


L.B.J.'s Mortal Wound:

“L.B.J.’s Mortal Wound: The Don Reynolds Story is a gripping and revealing account of the life and role of Don B. Reynolds, an insurance agent who became entangled in one of the most politically charged scandals in American history. Authored by Reynolds’ nephew, Bob Nelson, this book offers an unparalleled perspective on the man deeply involved with the Bobby Baker scandal.  Nelson delves into his background, character and the events leading up to Reynolds’ fateful meeting with Senate investigators implicating L.B.J. in corruption–the very minute bullets hit John F. Kennedy.


Nelson begins by exploring Reynolds’ early life, professional accomplishments, and the circumstances that brought him face to face with President Johnson. As the story unfolds, readers are given a front-row seat to the infamous Bobby Baker scandal, in which Reynolds’ damning testimony implicated Johnson in unethical and potentially criminal activities. The book sheds light on the tense relationship between Reynolds and Johnson, as well as the complex web of political connections and maneuverings that shaped the scandal.

Drawing on historical archives, FBI and IRS files, the secret L.B.J. tapes, two Pulitzer prize winners, family letters, and personal experiences, the book offers a vivid portrait of his uncle as a man caught in a whirlwind of political intrigue, corruption, and media scrutiny.   Nelson explains that the forces were so overwhelming that his uncle fled the US from 1964 to 1968, afraid for his life.  

“L.B.J’s Mortal Wound: The Don Reynolds Story” is not only a fascinating read but also an illuminating exploration of power, corruption, and the consequences befalling a presidential whistleblower.  The book offers an intimate and personal look into a dark chapter of American history, raising important questions about the nature of political scandal and its enduring impact on both individuals and the nation as a whole.

Don Reynolds and his wife in 1948.

Don Reynolds in 1964

Senator John Williams of Delaware was the conscience of the senate and helped shield Don Reynolds.

The Threats to Don Reynolds (Click On The Image For Full Screen):

About the author

Bob Nelson is the nephew of Don B. (Buck) Reynolds, who was a star witness in the Bobby Baker scandal. Bob grew up in the Chicagoland area and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Additionally, Bob has a Master’s degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona, graduating with academic honors.

Bob taught for five years at Temple University in Tokyo, Japan. After his teaching stint, Bob worked for 20 years at the University of Wisconsin Survey Center in Madison, where he worked on the large Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS) and conducted interviews for monthly health studies for the CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health.

Bob is currently married with one child and resides in NW Indiana.

My Business Card

Shown up above is my two-sided business card for my upcoming book about my uncle Don Reynolds.  It will be published by TrineDay Books out of Oregon and will be available sometime in the second-half of 2024. If you would like one of my business cards [they are 2.0 by 3.5 inches], please e-mail me at: rrhfnel@aol.com  with your name and full mailing address and I will send one on off to you.

Thank you very much!

-Bob Nelson

Hear The Voice Of My Uncle Buck - Don Reynolds

Experience the authentic voice of my uncle, Don B. Reynolds, through a unique audio journey, brought to life using advanced A.I. technology. I originally recorded this audio in 1967, and now, it has been meticulously restored from an old cassette to deliver crystal clear sound. For the first time, you can hear Don’s voice and the fascinating message he shares.

Our website showcases a custom-built video player, crafted to resemble an iconic Cassette Tape Recorder. To immerse yourself in Don Reynolds’s story, simply click on the ▶️ button. The player is user-friendly—use the play / pause button to control playback, the rewind or fast-forward buttons to navigate through the recording, and the volume control to adjust to your preferred listening level.

Embark on this auditory journey into the past, enhanced by today’s technology, and connect with the historical significance of my uncle Don Reynolds’s experiences firsthand.

Bob Nelson

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Knowing that I was tape-recording him, my uncle Don was being cautious and

cryptic about what he said.  He probably realized that the tape could somehow

end up in the wrong hands.  My uncle had fled the country due to

threats on his life.  He was traveling under an assumed name and had been

living in Nassau.  He was taking a risk returning to the United States.  My

uncle had vowed not to come back to America permanently until “the

tyranny was eliminated.”  He did return after Lyndon Johnson was no

longer the President.